Thursday 13 April 2017


1.     Pure Neem Oil will retain its potency much longer if stored at about 40°F in a low light area such as a refrigerator
2.     A new batch of Neem oil, water and a little soap (according to label) should be mixed each time you are going to spray.  Mix only the amount of Neem oil you will use in 4 to 6 hours.
3.     Do not mix anything with your Neem Oil solution other than the water and soap used to prepare that solution.
4.     The soap (ecologically friendly dishwashing detergent) is used to help emulsify the soil.  If no soap is used the Neem will not mix into solution with the water and spraying will not be effective.
5.     Spray the entire plant including the top of the potting media.  Spray benches, walkways and any surface which an insect might travel.
6.     A mixture of 1oz to 1 gallon of water should be used for spraying.  A weaker solution may be used as a maintenance spray.  It is impossible to give a definite schedule for spraying, however a “close eye” will help each person to adjust a timetable to maintain clean plants.  You will probably not have to spray often with Neem as with toxic insecticides.

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