Monday 27 February 2017

Organic farming

What is organic farming?

Organic farming is a system, which avoids or largely excludes the use of synthetic inputs (such as fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, feed additives etc) and to the maximum extent feasible relies upon crop rotations, crop residues, animal manures, off-farm organic waste, mineral grade rock additives and biological system of nutrient mobilization and plant protection.

Is there a need to practice the organic farming?

With the increase in population our compulsion would be not only to stabilize agricultural production but also to increase it further in sustainable manner. Excessive use over years of agro-chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers may affect the soil health and lead to declining of crop yields and quality of products. Hence, a natural balance needs to be maintained at all cost for existence of life and property. The obvious choice would be judicious use of agro-chemicals and more and more use of naturally occurring material in farming systems.

What are the benefits of organic farming?

  1. It helps in maintaining environment health by reducing the level of pollution
  2. It reduces human and animal health hazards by reducing the level of residues in the product.
  3. It helps in keeping agricultural production at a higher level and makes it sustainable.
  4. It reduces the cost of agricultural production and also improves the soil health
  5. It ensures optimum utilization of natural resources for short-term benefit and helps in conserving them for future generation.
  6. It not only saves energy for both animal and machine, but also reduces risk of crop failure.
  7. It improves the soil physical properties such as granulation, and good tilth, good aeration, easy root penetration and improves water-holding capacity.
  8. It improves the soil’s chemical properties such as supply and retention of soil nutrients, and promotes favorable chemical reactions.

Saturday 18 February 2017

Who we are

Index International, has commenced its business in 2005.We have been an established and popular with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We are leading Manufacturer& Exporter of Neem and Coir Products. Our modern plant is run by dedicated professionals and an active R&D department. Our expertise in Neem coupled with a strong technical team gives us a distinct advantage in creating products that meet stringent quality requirements of our customers.

In Tamilnadu, a culturally rich state in India, Our Company endeavors to create value to its business partners in the field of marketing, supply chain management, customer relationship and international marketing.
Though our forte continues to be Neem we along with our associated companies have an ever widening market for other spices such as cardamom, black pepper, cumin seed, cinnamon, cloves, etc..

We have our subsidiaries in Sweden and Canada to promote the sales of our products.

We do not believe in a set it and forget it system, our clients are our top priority. We are always striving to be better in organic agriculture sector so our clients achieve more.”